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Thursday, May 1, 2014


I wanna talk about Liv - my co-author/foodie soulmate/fellow kitchen queen/favorite dessert fangirl.

Liv is gluten-free. When she first told me all the things she was cutting out of her diet (a post for her to write another time) I noted it all down and started planning. Since then I've been making slight adjustments and when presented with a meal to make have tried to consciously make changes due to her dietary needs. I know she's not sharing my kitchen quite yet but I figure if I start now by the time she gets here I'll have this shit down.

Today was a good example of my dedication to this cause. 

I was making a chicken, broccoli and quinoa bake and was feeling generally pumped that I was making this uber high protein and gluten-free recipe like a boss. Like I lived the gluten-free life. hashtag winning. I wanted to make it fancy though so I whipped together a quick white cream sauce with my FAV seasoning and threw it all together. 

It was as I was putting it all into the oven that the penny dropped and I remembered cheese may not have gluten in it but the flour I used to whip the sauce together did. 


Now. Like I said. Liv isn't here yet. I stood there for a good 5 minutes debating weather or not I lie to myself and pretend I did ace the gluten-free or if just admit to failure. 


So I made another one. Without the white sauce. But with extra cheese. Because yes. And I felt endlessly pleased with myself that I'd stepped up. raised the bar. 

It was worth it - I've got school lunches for the week now. 

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